Amir Group is an internationally oriented business organization headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has its branch office in Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The group has been formed in 2017. Amir Group has four sister concerns. They are Amir Construction and Co. Ltd., Belogin Technologies Ltd., Equipments Solution Limited and Dream Capital. Amir Construction and Co. Ltd., has business connection with Chinese companies and Russian Companies. Belogin Technologies Ltd., is the software development wing of Amir Group. It deals with innovative ideas like it has developed first ever offer site in Bangladesh. At the same time, Belogin Technologies Ltd., is the developer of Defense Pension Management Software, Digital Unit of Quality Control System etc which are unique of its kind. Equipments Solution Limited-ESL is an equipment import, sales and distribution management company. It has its own gigantic yard in Ashulia, Savar. ESL imports heavy equipment parts from Japan, China etc. Dream Capital is a financial management company which mainly deals with capital investment and share business.

Contributing to the development associated projects.

Developing innovative products and services based on technology.

Maintaining superior product quality and fair price.

Focusing on research based works to invest mode of production.

To become the frontrunner of the lawful business in Bangladesh approaching towards global exports.

Equity Everywhere


Superior Quality
Superior Innovation

Superior Service

Fair Quotation


Amir Group is not only a business organization but a feeling. All the clients, partners, employees are the focal members of the said group of companies. The essence of Amir Group comes from the characteristics of Late Md. Amirul Islam who created the vision spiritually. From the very beginning of the journey, Amir Group believe in client happiness and mutual win. The vision and mission of this group have been set to make it more focused so that it can compete in the global market for expanding the development of the country into the foreign region. Let’s make our country more sustainable by ensuring Equity Everywhere.

Sabina Islam

Chairperson, Amir Group.

The name of the organization Amir Group is grasping my father’s name. He was one of the most dignified persons I have ever seen. His ideology and kindness towards people inspires me all the time. As the way my father showed me, I would like do something for the people in the manner of business and social activities. The motto of the Amir Group is Equity Everywhere. As a business entity the said group always create parity among the stakeholders. We actually play fair and never think alternative of this. Amir Group always tries to contribute to the development of the country. I wish all the stakeholders of Amir Group success and prosperity!

Md Jahirul Islam

Managing Director, Amir Group.


Md Fokhrul Islam Towhid
Md Fokhrul Islam Towhid

Assistant General Manager