Amir Construction and Co., Ltd., has started its journey 10 years ago. It has its head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company deals mainly with different kinds of equipment like Excavator, Crane, Bulldozer, Dump Truck, Wheel Loader, Container etc. Other than this, the company is planning to own a concrete ready mix factory.
Amir Construction and Co., Ltd., has business connection with Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Russian Companies and of course with local giant companies. Amir Construction and Co., Ltd., has a good number of equipment stocks, simply saying, it is one of the top 3 companies in the territory dealing with mentioned items. There are different building blocks based on which the company is breathing over others, like, superior service, proper documentation, on time notification and commitment.

Belogin Technologies Ltd., spreads knowledge of information and technology through its excellences. It has its identity in serving the valuable clients superior quality products and services. Corporate clients find Belogin Technologies Ltd., trustworthy due to its commitment and dedication. It treats all the stakeholders equally with equity. Belogin Technologies Ltd., started its journey on October 17, 2014. It focuses on developing IT based products and services from the very beginning of its journey and these products and services are getting global orientation. Appropriate products and services along with the superior quality and the standard pricing made Belogin Technologies Ltd., desired one to the valued customers in the arena of Information and Technology.

Equipment Solution Limited (ESL) is an earth moving heavy equipment based company. It has its functional office at Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka. ESL has all the expertise to import, distribute and sell heavy equipment parts and machine also. It also provides rental service of equipment machines to third parties. ESL also provides rental service of yard to the third party where the customer can keep their idle equipment. The vision of ESL is to become the market leader of equipment business in Bangladesh.

Dream Capital is what it preambles. This is the first concern which planted the dream of the group. Dream Capital deals with capital investment and equipment purchase. It imports and exports products and equipments especially heavy earth moving equipment from Japan, China & Korea.